Why Buy a Pop Parlour?

You simply can't buy any franchise like ours. No one offers a full espresso and coffee bar to go along with a full line of ice pops. As the originators of boozy ice pops we have been at the cutting edge of new innovations in the dessert cafe experience and are finally going to offer up the chance to own one.

We are not a get rich quick franchisor. We have been in business over 6 years and shown steady growth. We have developed the products and systems to allow for a very easy transition into small business ownership. Nowhere else in the food space can you possibly open a franchise for under $70,000 including your franchise fee! We only have a 1% marketing fee with no other royalty. With this low barrier to entry we want you to recoup your investment quickly and see healthy profits! The long shelf life of our products means you will almost never have any food waste as well.

We have complete equipment and furniture packages that will allow you to focus on the build-out and marketing of your new store.




Next Steps

After 5 years of growth to include a full service cafe to compliment the pops and to a second location we now feel comfortable that we have a concept and system in place that is ready to be franchised.

Below is the steps in the process we will go through to get you to being awarded a franchise. First just click the Start Your Journey button and fill out the form!

01. introductions

To get started we ask that you fill out the form above and let us get to know you. All qualified candidates will be sent a non-disclosure form and we will schedule a phone call. After our call, if both parties still want to move forward we will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

02. review meeting

After you have time to review our Financial Disclosure Document we will send you the Franchise Agreement. We will then schedule a meeting to go through the documents and make sure everything in clear and you understand the entire process of opening your own Pop Parlour.

03. Discovery day

Time for a hands on day at our shop! We will give you a tour of our entire operation and have you join us both in the kitchen and behind the counter to get a full view of our operation. At the end of the day we will let you know if we will be approving your franchise agreement.

04. You did it!

Time to get started! After we receive a signed copy of your Franchise Agreement and your franchise fee check you are now a part of the Pop Parlour family!




Our Roots

Not many people can say their very existence is because of frozen dessert but that is something we can very proudly claim. Joseph Lattner was our grandfather and the inspiration for The Pop Parlour.

PopPop as we called him returned from WWII and ended up interviewing for a job at Rieck’s Dairy in Pittsburgh (later to become Sealtest). Always a charming man he impressed the interviewer so much he invited PopPop to come to his house for dinner to meet his daughter. That is how he met our grandmother. They married and had two kids, one being our mom. He worked there making ice cream and ice pops till the plant closed in the 1970s. As the plant closed he fortunately was able to take home a twin ice pop mold that we have been able to restore and use in our shops.

We were so lucky to grow up in a family where a passion for sweets is a part of our DNA. The process to open our first shop began in 2011 with our first shop finally opening in early 2013. PopPop passed away in the summer of 2013 and we feel incredible joy in knowing we got to open before he passed and we can carry on his legacy in a way that makes him proud.