Q. What is the cost to open a pop Parlour?

A. The average range of costs for opening a Pop Parlour franchise is $97,500 to $297,000. This includes your upfront fee of $23,500 required to purchase a franchise. Your build-out costs will vary greatly from location to location, hence the range.


Q. What is the ideal size of a pop Parlour?

A. We currently run shops that range from 500-2200 SQ FT. We recommend finding spaces between 750 and 1400 SQFT whenever possible. This allows for low overhead and a comfortable area for staff and customers.


Q. How do you maintain the current standards?

A. All pops will be made by us in our main kitchen facility to ensure uniform product standards. With an average of 85% of our current Yelp! reviews being 5 stars we have created a top quality product and will continue to do so for you. This allows you to lease a smaller space and not need a kitchen. We also provide bottled cold brew coffees, matcha lemonades, kombuchas, and sodas all made in house by us. Our coffee partner will provide fresh, whole roasted beans and we will provide thorough training on everything to keep our standards as high as possible.


Q. Is there a royalty fee?

A. No! Since you will be buying your ice pops, coffee, tea, cups, and other items as needed from us we will not be charging a royalty fee on top. We do have a 1% monthly fee for advertising and promotions.


Q. do you provide financing?

A. No, we are looking for candidates with the means to secure financing on their own.


Q. Do i need a liquor license to sell boozy pops?

A. This will depend on your local laws. We encourage all franchisees to secure, at the minimum, a beer and wine license. This will allow you to sell those items plus provide additional legal protection for your boozy pops. We will work with you to determine the laws in your state and municipality before any agreement is made.